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About Us


Hennessey Homes Inc.

Company History 

Hennessey Homes was founded in 1993 by Don Hennessey to serve the custom residential home market.  Since its inception, the company continually strives to become the leader in the residential housing trade through innovation, creativity, raising design standards and craftsmanship of custom homes to the highest level. 

For the past several decades, the craftsmanship of Hennessey Homes has been presented at many showcase homes including the local Home Builders Association “Parade of Homes” and has come to grace many exclusive homeowners. 

Growth mainly as a result of customer referrals is testimony to the company’s success in providing exemplary customer service and the highest quality craftsmanship.

Company Philosophy  

  • Customer Focused Approach

At Hennessey Homes, customer service is one of the cornerstones of our business. It influences our decisions affecting every aspect of operations. Our customers must know we care about their needs and concerns; customer service is our most important responsibility. 

  • Quality

Hennessey Homes is the industry's quality leader for custom new home construction. This is accomplished through superior craftsmanship and control systems producing uniform, predictable high quality results.  

  • Employee/Subcontractor Relationships

Everyone working for and with Hennessey Homes is an important player on our team. We all work hard together, and we all enjoy our efforts’ rewards together. Like a family, this requires the utmost commitment, loyalty, understanding and appreciation of each other, no matter what role we play in the company. This is the expectation every Employee and Subcontractor must have of every other Employee and Subcontractor.  

  • Relationship with the Community and Environment

Hennessey Homes believes in supporting the community whenever and however possible.  

  • Pricing

Hennessey Homes aims to provide custom new home construction for any budget. Our custom new homes are competitively priced, and of superior quality, making it the best value!

Company Vision 

At Hennessey Homes there is an idea behind the work that is as important as the work itself. The idea is to change the way people view the new home construction experience.  

Our visions are:

  • To be Wisconsin’s premier designer and builder of high quality custom homes. Through education and positive experience we will change the way people view the new home construction experience.
  • To provide our customers with not only a quality product, but also a memorable and special experience working with us.
  • To create a fun, collaborative and creative culture; an organization that provides opportunities for designers and craftsman to express their abilities.
  • To support the community and the environment.